April 15-23 2022 – Nissan 14-22 Thursday, April 14 Bedikat Chametz Search for Chametz: 8:27pm  Friday, April 15 Finish Eating Chametz before: 11:00am Sell and Burn Chametz before: 12:08pm   Candle Lighting: 7:40pm Ma’ariv Services: 8:00pm Community Passover Seder: 8:15pm Saturday, April 161st Day of Pesach Services  10:00am  Kiddush Luncheon:Continue Reading

We’ve re-thought the traditional Haggadah with you in mind. Whether you’re on your own or with a crowd, a veteran or a newbie, if you want to make your Seder an exciting and meaningful experience you want this Haggadah. The Chabad.org Haggadah made waves and transformed seder tables last year.Continue Reading

Sell Chametz Buffalo Chabad

Note: The deadline for submissions is 8:00am (Buffalo time) on April 15, 2022. After that time try selling with Chabad Rabbi in Hawaii by clicking here.Continue Reading

Matzah Buffalo Chabad

Matzah plays a central role on the Holiday of Passover and goes by many names. ‘Bread of Faith’, ‘Bread of Affliction’, ‘Bread of Healing’… It reminds us of our humble origins and about the unique and powerful relationship we share with G‑d. This year use the real stuff!  Order your authentic,Continue Reading

Passover Seder Buffalo Chabad

CELEBRATE YOUR FREEDOM THIS PASSOVER WITH FAMILY, FRIENDS AND COMMUNITY IN THE HEART OF BUFFALO!Join us for a Passover Seder you will remember for a lifetime! Friday, April 15 – 8:15 PM At Rabbi’s Home 1016 Lafayette Ave, Buffalo NY 14209 Relive the exodus, discover the eternal meaning of the HaggadahContinue Reading